The plankton and the marine food web

Here, I will post few drawings of plankton and their role in the marine food web. All drawings and pictures belong to me, Albert Calbet. If you want to use any for teaching or non-comercial use let me know. In future blogs I will add some pictures and videos. Enjoy.

This is my representation of the main trophic interactions within a planktonic food web. There are many different ways to represent it and you may add as many compartments as you wish. But I think it is a nice one πŸ˜‰
Planktonic food webs cannot be understood without nutrient and organic matter recycling. I opted to present it in a separate drawing to avoid excessive complexity.
Pelagia jellyfish
Calanus hyperboreus
Mesodinium rubrum
Lithoptera sp
Oithona davisae
Aurelia aurita
This one is a joke. However, given all pelagic organisms depend on plankton…

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