The adventures of Fred the copepod

During the next days I will be posting something very different, a child’s story. The project intents to reach the youngest audience with a story about a copepod named Fred that explains, in an educational and entertaining way, what copepods are, what they do in the sea, and the problems he experiences during his life. He introduces concepts such as predation, reproduction, vertical migration, and pollution and presents other components of plankton, such as microplankton andmeroplankton. The ultimate goal is to make children and adults aware of the fragility and importance of plankton and the need to take care of the sea. The original book has two levels of reading: one designed for children from 6 years old and another for adults who want to know more about marine plankton. This dual way of providing information will reach a much larger audience. Here you have the first pages. Next pages, soon! Enjoy.

This was the last entry of my kid’s story. I hope you enjoyed it and read it to your kids to raise awareness about the fragility of the ocean and the need to take good care of it. And, if you know someone that wants to publish it (either in English, Spanish, or Catalan), let me know 😉

3 thoughts on “The adventures of Fred the copepod

  1. Great way to make invisible science available to all kids and adults in an easy and enjoyable way. Congratulations on this initiative!!!
    If we know we may care more!!!


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